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What’s It Cost? Financing a Senior Living Community

Retirement is all about planning ahead and then enjoying the freedom that comes from leaving the working world behind and enjoying life on your own terms. When researching a senior living community, you want to make sure you are getting a good value for your money so that you can maintain your freedom, both in terms of finances and personal autonomy.

The good news for seniors today is that choices abound, from active-adult neighborhoods to retirement communities that give you the ability to age in place while knowing you have the right care should you ever need it. Financially, many communities require a large upfront deposit, or entrance fee, and then a monthly service fee. While this model has its advantages, it also ties up a significant portion of your savings in one place.

Our model at St. Anthony’s Gardens is that we are a no buy-in community, which means that we do not require a large upfront fee to become a resident. Instead, you pay a monthly service fee based on the residence and service plan you sign up for. Our residents (and their families) love this model because it helps them feel secure knowing they have access to their savings while still providing the security of a predictable monthly expense.

Our friendly team members are here to talk with you about what it costs to live at St. Anthony’s Gardens. In the meantime, here are three reasons why a no buy-in model is ideal for your retirement:

 1. You won’t tie up a significant portion of your savings. You have probably heard the saying that “cash is king,” but we would add that “cash is freedom.” You have saved your whole life to build a comfortable nest egg, and we don’t ask you to pony up your entire egg into one basket.

 2. You will enjoy predictable monthly expenses. Once you are living on a fixed income from Social Security, a pension or the drawdown of your retirement savings, fluctuations in your monthly expenses are a risk. That’s why we offer clear, transparent and fixed monthly fees for living in our community.

3. You will have peace of mind knowing anything you need is here. Whether it is a vibrant social life with your friends, a full calendar of activities, or the security in knowing Assisted Living and Memory Care are here should you need them—everything is at your fingertips at St. Anthony’s Gardens.

We invite you to check out St. Anthony's Gardens in beautiful Covington, Louisiana. Give us a call at (985) 605-5950 to learn more about what it costs and to schedule a in person or virtual tour. We look forward to seeing you!



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